Welcome to FixMyTurf.com a service from TRC OUTDOOR.  

A few years ago we set out with one goal for our turf care operation. That goal was to take everything we knew about standard turf care programs and forget all of it. Then we would start building a new system from the ground up. Using the most advanced products and the best industry knowledge available we created a new approach to annual turf care plans.

The proof is in the lawns. Stronger healthier grass, less disease, fewer weeds and happier customers. We have not stopped perfecting our process. Every year we evaluate every step of our process to assure we are delivering the best results we can to all of our customers. Check out our program comparisons page to discover why our process is better.

Our industry unique programs are designed to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.  We have a complete approach that doesn't involve constant up-selling like our competition.  Its one price for the season and that covers you for most of your lawn fertilization weed control, and turf building needs.  Our programs start at the roots and work up.  Our goal is to develop a stronger and healthier lawn and also eliminate unsightly weeds.  

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