You can do better than standard…

Our industry unique programs are designed to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.  We have a complete approach that doesn't involve constant up-selling like our competition.  Its one price for the season and that covers you for most of your lawn fertilization weed control, and turf building needs.  Our programs start at the roots and work up.  Our goal is to develop a stronger and healthier lawn and also eliminate unsightly weeds.

Key Differences:

  • Everything is included in our plans, no upselling, no constant phone calls, no gimmicks, just a simple and affordable solution.

  • So so many visits…. We are firm believers that it’s not how many times we visit your property, but what rather what we when we are there. Our competitors charge based on how many times they visit your home. It’s only in their best interest to be there 6-8 times per season. We our full program is 4 annual service visits, and it works. Because we have committed to using the best products and science in our program we can reduce the number of property visits per season. If you see something between visits, or have questions just contact us an we will have a skilled employee at your property to evaluate the situation for no extra charge.

  • Year round granular fertilizer for constant green. Most companies use multiple rounds of fertilizer which leads to peaks and valleys of green and does not provide you lawn with the constant and controlled fertilization it needs.

  • Steroids vs Vitamins. Standard lawn programs shock treat your yard with liquid or granular fertilizer that is super nitrogen rich. This steroid like approach make your lawn green and it happens fast. We apply our granular time release fertilizer early in the season to give it time to set in and help the roots grow stronger and longer. Its like vitamins for your lawn!

  • Weeds weeds and more weeds. They are always changing and morphing to adapt to climates and even the chemicals used to defend your lawn. Currently there is not a single product on the market that will protect against all weed growth. Rather than rely on a single waive of defense we use several different products to provide a broad and necessary multi step approach to controlling weeds.

  • A commitment to honesty. Your lawn is not going to look like a golf course over night. We are not selling a one step, one solution for all program. Building a stronger and healthier lawn takes time and a lot of hard work (for us not you). We are selling progress, and a continual commitment to building the best looking lawn on you street.

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